4890 Kč


•Motiv Jackal Rising
Featuring the new Predator V3 weight block and new Coercion HV2 cover, the Jackal Rising is even stronger! With more differential, this asymmetric beast will help every bowler cross more boards on heavy oil conditions.
The new Coercion HV2 (High Volume 2nd Edition) cover creates more friction and has been tuned for the Jackal Rising with a 2000 Grit LSS finish to maximize hook potential. This new cover not only creates traction in the oil, but finishes with impressive power.
The Jackal Rising is an obvious choice for speed dominant bowlers who are looking for maximum hook potential. The combination of huge differential and an aggressive surface make it ideal. Bowlers competing on high volume oil patterns will want the Jackal Rising in their bag for the same reasons. And, because of the smooth motion that this ball delivers, it is also a great option for blending over/under situations.

Specs: •Cover stock: Coercion HV2 Solid
•Finish: 2000 Grit LSS
•Inner Core: Predator V3
•Performance: Heavy Oil
•Weight Range: 14# - 16#
•R.G.: 2.47
•Diff.: .055
•Int. Diff.: .019
•Ball Color: Black/Emerald Solid
•NeoMark Logo: Gold Pearl/Red

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