3190 Kč


Dig your teeth into the competition with the Saber Pearl by Columbia 300!
The New-Dynamix core delivers a strong asymmetric motion with delayed movement, creating a strong angularity perfect for medium-heavy oil.
Wrapped in the Reflex Pearl coverstock polished to a 500/1000 Abralon w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish finish, the Saber Pearl is ready to cut through the heads to deliver length with a strong backend reaction.
Here's what Columbia 300 has to say about the Saber Pearl:
The Columbia 300 Saber Pearl is a continuation from the Saber that we released last summer. The solid version of the Saber was very responsive downlane and it is very uncharacteristic of sanded asymmetric balls to behave this way. It is because of the New-Dynamix weight block inside it, which has a slightly higher RG than your typical strong asymmetric core. It allows the New-Dynamix core to retain energy long enough to achieve that responsive motion downlane with such a strong core/cover combination. Combine that technology with a polished pearlized coverstock in the new Saber Pearl and you’ll have great length through the front with cat like reflexes to friction. It’s time to let this cat out of the bag. 

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