4590 Kč


Ascend to something sinister with the Motiv Villain!
The Villain features the Sinister Core, which allows for a high RG measure in addition to the ability to offer the same core characteristics in lighter weights. This is the first Motiv top performance ball that is available in 12 and 13lb weights.
Fused with the new Coercion MFS Reactive cover sanded to a 3000-Grit LSS finish, the Villain gets down lane and strikes back with vengeance on the pin deck with medium-heavy oil conditions.
Here's what Motiv has to say about the Villain:
In the shadows for years, the Sinister core has finally returned to give the powerful Villain easier length than any other asymmetric core in the MOTIV line. Combining a high RG with loads of differential, the Sinister core enables the Villain to display impressive power and continuation down lane.

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