2950 Kč


Give the pins high blood pressure when you throw the Columbia 300 Impulse Solid!

The Impulse Solid continues tradition with the use of the Impulse Symmetric core. This core was the engine inside the original Impulse and brings its low RG and high differential to the Impulse Solid.

What makes the Impulse Solid special is the use of the Reflex Solid coverstock with HyperSHOCK technology, finished at 500/2000 Abralon. When paired with the Impulse core, you will see one of the strongest, most continuous backend reactions of all-time. You can see this ball rev up in the mid-lane with no possibility of burning up.

Here's what Columbia 300 has to say about the Impulse Solid:

The Impulse Solid’s big, continuous hook is enough to get your heart pounding. The Reflex Solid coverstock combined with the Impulse core will give plenty of traction in oil without over hooking off the dry or losing continuation on the back end of the lane. When looking for a ball that hooks more in oil than the original Impulse, the Impulse Solid doesn't skip a beat. HyperSHOCK Technology (patent pending) helps power the ball through the pins by controlling the influence they have on the ball’s path through the deck. Columbia 300 balls with HyperSHOCK not only get you to the pocket, but drive through like no other on the planet.

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