Výměnná pata lze použít na všechny typy SST bowlingových bot firmy DEXTER. Je univerzální na levou i pravou botu.

Všechny typy výměnných pat:
•H-1 Red Horseshoe – Most Brake(Large)
•H-1 Red Horseshoe – Most Brake(Small)
•H-2 Ripple Rubber – More Brake
•H-2 Reversible Ripple – More Brake
•H-5 Blue Horseshoe – Standard Brake(Large)
•H-5 Blue Horseshoe – Standard Brake(Small)
•H-7 Red Leather – Least Brake

H-2: More Brake (Less Slide)

Bowler profile: For the powerful „cranker“ who needs less slide.
The rippled rubber heel brakes the strongest of all heels offered by Dexter. This heel is 1/8" higher than all other heels. The additional height provides more braking power. Recommended for slicker conditions.

H-2: More Brake (Less Slide) Reversible

Bower profile: For the power player „cranker“ who needs a quick brake
The adjustable Braking Reversible Ripple heel is a high friction material similar to the original Ripply h2 but can be reversed to place the ripples in the forward direction to increase braking power. It's lower profile also suits some bowlers who feel that the original ripple is too thick.

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